Map of Polynesian colonies

The Polynesians were not the first to go to the Brendanias (Americas) but the first to go to South Brendania. In South Brendania they set up colonies in Isla Sala y Gomez, Chile and Fou A'ai, the Te'le Mountains, and Peru. The Polynesians also had colonies in western Australia, and the islands south of Indochina. After colonizing much of South Brendania a person unites the tribes of Polynesia, forming the Polynesian Empire.


Isla Sala y Gomez

By 750 AD the Polynesians colonized much of the South Pacific. They had colonized lands from New Zealand to Hawaii to Easter Island. In 750 a group of Polynesians discovered the island of Isla Sala y Gomez. The Polynesians soon colonized the area and traded with the Natives. When the Polynesians arrived in South Brendania the island became an important place for the Polynesians. Plants growing in South Brendania such as the balsa trees were planted in the island as the wood was good for canoes and shipbuilding was a major part of life in the island.

Chile and Fou A'ai

After settling the islands west of South Bredania the Polynesians wanted more of the riches from South Brendania. They started coastal towns which were easy to access by ships. The Natives traded them sweet potatoes, which weren't native to the South Pacific. In return, the Polynesians traded them chickens, which weren't native to South Brendania. The colonies on the continent qucikly became rich trading towns and many goods from the Polynesian Islands came in and many Native goods came out. The colonies soon expanded eastward, and kept expanding until the hit the OTL Andes Mountains. The Polynesians named these mountains the Te'le Mountains. The settlement of Fou A'ai soon sprang up as a small town, but as people who wished to explored the mountains lived there. Things coming from the mountains were traded for goods coming from the coast here so many people came here to trade. People ran businesses here as they could sell goods from both the coast and the mountains.

Te'le Mountains

After colonizing much of the coast of South Brendania the Polynesian colonies expanded westward. They kept expanding until they hit the Te'le Mountains. The mountains soon became a major roadblock for the Polynesians. One Polynesian discovered the use of the mountains. Stones and rocks from the mountains could be used to build permanent homes in the colonies, which would be more sturdy and would protect better in storms. Mines opened up in the mountains and stones were hauled out. Short-lived towns existed where the mines were and when the mines were depleted of all resources the towns were abandoned. Ghost towns appeared in the mountains. More permanent settlements appeared in the base of the mountains where stones could be traded and sold. People who were waiting to enter the moutains stayed here. This is how the city of Fou A'ai started. The mountains also proved to be a barrier to would be invaders in later wars.


Peru was an expansion to the existing Polynesian colonies in Chile. After exploring much of Chile and the Te'le Mountains the Polynesians started exploring north of their settlements. The explorers found that a rain forest exists in the north. The Polynesians, using Native guides, explored the rain forests. These explorers reported that the rain forest had a wide variety of plants and animals and could bring new things that could aid the empire. More and more expeditions went into the forest and documented the plants and animals in books. The books gave the Polynesians a good idea what was in the forest. The Polynesians also explored the coast of Peru. The expeditions found the coast mostly plains with a few rivers. Even though few colonies were established on the coast people went there to get water. More expeditions found the Te'le Mountains existed there too so many people went there to stones to build there homes. Settlements existed on the rivers in the mountains. Later expeditions further into the rain forest discovered the largest river in the world, known in OTL as the Amazon River. Many settlements appeared on this river and the capital of the colony was formed here. The Amazon River also was site for expeditions that went farther and farther inland until reaching the nation of the New Phoenicia.


750: The island of Isla Sala y Gomez is discovered, and Polynesians begin to colonize it.

760: Islands which are closer to South Brendania are discovered and colonized.

768: The Polynesians start their first settlements in South Brendania in OTL Chile.

774: Expeditions lead to the discovery of the Te'le Mountains (OTL Andes Mountains).

778: The settlement of Fou A'ai is started.

779: Mining begins in the Te'le Mountains.

787: The Lanu Mata Rain forests are discovered. (OTL Amazon Rain forest).

802: The Lanu Mata River is discovered.

805: The capital of the Lanu Mata colony, Lanu Mata A'ai, is started.

825: The Polynesians discover the nation of Phoenicia.

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