Political parties

Confederate States

For a long time the Confederate States could be considered a "single-party state," because one political party—the Democratic Party—had been in power since the formation of the nation in 1861. Several additional parties exist in the Confederacy, including parties dedicated to civil rights, white supremacism, and a pro-Black party dedicated to the election of Blacks and minorities into Confederate politics. All the Presidents of the Confederacy until World War II had been in the Democratic Party. In 1951, ninety years after the founding of the nation, the center-right Constitution Party finally put a president in the White House.

  • The Democratic Party is considered a center-left party which believes in democracy and a strong central government with a strong military. Until the early 1900s, the party was commonly called the "Southern Democratic Party," since it considered itself different from the Democratic Party of the United States. The "Northern Democratic Party" would become abandoned after the creation of the Progressive Party in 1912.
  • The Constitution Party is considered a center-right party which believes in states rights and historic Christian values. This party had its roots in the political development of the country's founding members, but the existing Democratic Party met the needs of the Presidency at the time. This party would rise to power in Congress by the 1912 election cycle.
  • The Nationalist Party is a hard-line conservative, "right wing," party, standing firmly on traditional values and the sovereign rights of the nation to exist apart from all others. It is isolationist, but fiercely protective of its heritage. Most observers call it "fundamentalist," and doubt if they will ever be a major player. However, in the midst of the cold war with the USSR, its candidate held the presidency for one term.

United States

The United States is considered a two-party state, with the Republican Party and the Progressive Party reigning supreme over the others.

  • The Progressive Party was formed in 1912 by former United States President Theodore Roosevelt as a new political party for his election for a third term. The party is a centre-left party with ideas in democracy, socialism, progressivism, and populism.
  • The Republican Party is considered a centralist party with ideals ranging from liberalism to conservatism. The party believes in democracy over all. Between 1861 to 1945, the Republican Party was feared and ignored in the Confederate States. Today, a "Southern Republican Party" has formed, and several representing the party are currently serving in the Southern Congress.