Due to its proximity to the sun, Illium is essentially a barren wasteland with no real permanent populations on its surface. The closest to any surface based colonies are scientific outpost that are heavily reliant on supplies and resources from Earth, they themselves belong to individual nations though they are often rented out to smaller Earth nations who wish to carry out scientific research (much like OTL Antarctic research bases). The scientific operating teams are usually switched out between 6 months and 2 years.

However, there are several space stations that orbit the planet with some even having permanent populations. Like the research bases on the surface they are owned and operated by an individual or group of nations. The inhabitants of these stations tend to have a much more positive view of Earth, party due to the young age of the colonies and the fact that the majority of stations are reliant on supplies from Earth.

To date there are no real succession movements in the Illium system. However, there are calls from inhabitants for increased self governance and better representation in their respective countries.



Gas giants


Similar to the rest of the Solar system Hulannos is mainly dominated by Terran nations, each with their own colonies and space stations. The colonies that exist in the planetary system have mostly emerged from the vast mining operations that take place in the region, this leads to the colonies being extremely rich and highly developed, especially in comparison to the rest of the outer solar system.

Several colonies in recent years have become independent, whether though paying off their former masters or the use of force. These colonies tend to be rather isolated politically with recognition and relations varying between Terran states (some even being technically at war, though little action is taken due to the high cost of conquering them). Those colonies that are recognised by a considerable number of nations are still typically dominated by Terran mining companies, though far more income is generated for the colonies than would be if they remained Terran dominions.

Because of this rather hospitable relation with Terran and Hulannion states, many Terran nations have began creating proxy states in the region to prevent any widespread revolts (like those that exist on Killp), still a growing number of colonists are becoming more agitated by the careless attitude of the Terran powers, fearing that once mining operations are exhausted they will abandon the moon's and leave the people living there to suffer.







​Kuiper Belt

To most of the inhabitants of the inner solar system, the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud are seemingly little more than a lawless empty patch of space populated by rogue nomads and pirates. However, that is not the case as the politics of the region are far more complex than they seem at first glance.

Unlike most of the solar system the Kuiper Belt is not dominated by Terran nations and colonies, instead the region is governed by nomadic fleets which fled the inner solar system to create their own nations. These fleets vary in terms of size and influence, with some being little more than a handful of trade ships ,whilst others can contain over a hundred ships filled with modern military vessels. Most of these fleets operate under their own terms, doing as they please, but every year the main fleets meet at the vast orbital complex around Respo to discuss greater issues, like inter-fleet cooperation projects or outside threats from Terra. The most power Fleets are the Birle, the Commodachi and the Toluv.

Kuiper fleet

The Kuiper Confederation summit around Respo

The fleets themselves are a melting pot of ethnicities, religions and ideologies. This results in unique languages and religion almost exclusive to the region emerging. This give an extremely developed sense of nation identity to the inhabitants, many of whom no longer consider themselves Terran (Even some first generation Terran immigrants).

Despite the strength of the fleets, some Terran states have begun to push into the Kuiper belt and begin to "civilize" the region. However, this has not gone unnoticed and the United Kuiper Conference (the central government of the nomads) is currently at war with several Terran nations in an attempt to hold onto its independence.

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