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Within Bermuda there are a number of both major and minor political parties, the following list gives some details on each of them:

Major Parties

Party Bermuda
Bermudian National Party 14 Centre-Right party in favour of keeping the Monarchy. Also advocates foreign relations are heightened and that Bermuda stays highly self sufficient and environmentally-friendly. Also believes in equal rights within the nation for all races, genders etc.
Liberal Bermuda Party 8 Centrist Liberal Party in favour of reforming the Monarchy to give it less powers and give the Parliament more power. Believes the amount of MPs should be heightened though advocates the use of referenda should be implemented more.
Bermuda Forward League 1 Socialist party in favour of Republicanism. Advocates an American-style senate is set up on the island, and the deconstruction of the Monarchy. Also favors closer ties with the Celtic Alliance, the Realm of New Britain and various other previously British colonies. Also advocates the use of referenda as a way of making the people feel more in touch with parliament and also to use binding referenda as opposed to using simply non-binding referenda in which the peoples opinion doesn't seem to matter overall.

Minor Parties

Party Bermuda
Celtic Dominion Party 0 Centre-left party in favour of integration with the Celtic Alliance. Created after a disagreement occurred in the 'Bermuda Forward League' after the discovery of the Celtic nation.
British Dominion Party 1 Centre-left party in favour of integration with New Britain. Created in 2004 when contact with New Britain was restored. The movement is also in favour of adopting King Andrew as their monarch and deposing the current monarchy or reducing them to a "Duchal Family". While highly controversial, it is slowly gaining steam and in 2009 the NBP gained their first seat in Parliament.
Communist Party of Bermuda 0 Far-left party active on the Islands. Associated with Marxist ideals. A small following on the island.
Bermudian Brothers League 0 Far-Right, nationalist party. Associated with neo-Nazism and racism. Has only a small following on the island. Associated with many racial hatred crimes against the predominant black population.

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