This is the list of Political parties in Concepcion, in activity.

Major parties

Workers' Party of Concepcion


Party Logo.

The Workers' Party of Concepcion (Portuguese: Partido dos Trabalhadores de Conceição), was founded in 1981 but officially registered in 1985. Its aspects strongly emerged from Syndicalism and Socialism, and few of Marxism-Leninism.

It was founded by Elísia Duarte, Francisco Marques, Aristides da Silva, Sebastian Marques and Lourenço de Souza.

They were elected three presidents by the party, Francisco Marques (1990-1998), Aristides da Silva (2006-2014), and the current president, Ademar Benevides.


Concepcian Democratic Movement

The Concepcian Democratic Movement (Portuguese: Movimento Democrático Conceiçoense) was founded in 1954 by activists against the military regime that deposed President Silvio Domingos.

The party was founded by the former vice president Hortêncio Amorim, and members of the Liberal Party, Populist Party, Workers' Bloc and former members of the National Conservative Union.

During the dictatorship, it was the opposition to the military regime, coordinating several large protests in cities like Paraná, Santo Antônio and Gardel de Menezes.

Several party members were censured, oppressed and tortured during the dictatorship.

The party had a single president-elect, and indirectly, the president André Carlos Rodrigues, but still retains a strong influence on the country's politics.


People's Freedom Party

The People's Freedom Party (Portuguese: Partido Popular da Liberdade), (founded as Syndicalist Union; União Sindicalista), was founded in 1977 in a syndicate as an organization. The organization, at first, had anarcho-syndicalists ideologies abandoned in 1979, when he began to go be a political party.

It was founded by Guillermo Bonafim, Thyago Barretos, Ricardo Scerto, Marta Souza, among others.

The party grew and quickly spread among the people, together with other parties, the so-called coalition "All-Union Party". The party managed to elect in 1998 with Guillermo Bonafim, as in 2001, decreed the start of the new republic with a new constitution promulgated.


National Conservative Union

The National Conservative Union (Portuguese: União Nacional Conservadora), was founded in 1957 by members of the most conservative wing of the old parties, the Conservative Party and the Nationalist Party, respectively.

It is a party with traditionalist tendencies, extremely conservative, nationalist and Christian democracy.

The party grew fast during the dictatorship, reaching the presidency once, and also getting most of the settlements in parliament.

Many consider that it was a union between the two parties, not to be deposed because of politicians with a more liberal view. Only two presidents were elected, one indirectly, Ricardo Nogueira (1962-1967), and the other directly, the Marshal Marcelo de Vera Cruz (1986-1987) even taking impeachment and having his deputy taking over the presidency, the General Rogério Souza (1987-1990). 


Green National Party

The Green National Party (Portuguese: Partido Nacional Verde), is one of the fastest growing political parties in the country. It was founded in 1987 by the politicians, activists and environmentalists, Timóteo Lacerda, Pedro Romão, and Orlando Benário.

The party has ideological roots in the center-left, their ideologies are the Environmentalism, Ecologism and the Progressivism.

The party ran in the 1994 elections until 2002, when the Senator and the President of the Green Party, Timóteo Lacerda, was elected. The party is considered as the fourth or the third political power in the country. Strongly competing presidential elections, despite being third most of the time, and has more votes in environmental areas, which were valued during the Lacerda government.


Concepcian Liberal Party

The Concepcian Liberal Party (Portuguese: Partido Liberal de Conceição), is the oldest party of Conception on activity (with the Republican Party), founded in 1863 by João Alves da Penha, Theodoro Pessoa and João Lisboa.

Politicians of the party were several times prime ministers in the Kingdom, in addition to being the first party to elect a president (Miguel Soares). During the dictatorship, the party was put into lawlessness, besides acting as a subdivision of the Democratic Movement.

Currently, the Liberal Party has less influence as before, with any president elected during the Second Republic.

Minor parties

Communist Party

Republican Party


Conservative Party (2001)

Party In Pro of the People and Minorities

Progressive Party

Humanist Party

Traditionalist Christian Party

Unified Socialist Party

Royal Democracy

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