This is a list of the Political Parties in the Russian Empire

In Parliament

by order of MP's:

Democratic National Social Party (демократический народний социалная партия партия) 125

(Conservative Socialism, Monarchist Socialist, certain aspects of communism)

Communist Party of All Russias (Коммунистическая партия всея Руси) 50


Conservative Party of All Russias (Консервативная партия всея Руси) 30 


Social Democratic Party of Russia (Социал-демократическая партия России) 20

(Social Democracy)

Social Democratic Party of Finland (Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue Suomi/Socialdemokratiska Parti Finland) 22

(Social Democracy)

Swedish People's Party of the Baltic Grand Duchies (Svenska folkpartiet i Ostersjön hertigdömena) 5


Estonian Centre Party ( Eesti Keskerakond) 5


Belarussian People's Hromada (Беларуская Народная Грамада) 1

(National Conservatism)

Workers Party of Russia

Рабочая партия России


Russian Muslim Democratic Party/Freedom Front for the Caucasus (Русский мусульманин-демократическая партия / Фронт Свободы для Кавказа) 5


Not In Parliament

Radical Party (Centralist, Pragmatist)

Liberal Party (Liberalism)

Block of National Minorities (in Parliament since 1920 until 2005)

Pirate Party

Defunct Parties

National Liberal Party (1885-1940)

National Party (1948-1994)

American-Russian Party of Alaska (1956-2012, integrated with the Conservative Party of All Russias)