This is a List of the Political Parties in the Mexican Empire.

Political Parties

Major Parties

  • Movimiento para México (Movement for Mexico, MPM) The dominant party in Congress with only a small majority, the party is viewed as a rightist party. Its views are often monarchist, conservative, and imperialist. 499 seats
  • Partido Acción Nacional (National Action Party, PAN) The former leader in Congress before the 2005 elections, it is a left-leaning party with social ideals. It contributed greatly to building better conditions for workers before World War II. 490 seats
  • Partido Demócrata Social (Social Democratic Party, PDS) A third party, the PDS made huge gains in Congress following the 2005 elections. It is often viewed as a centrist party, with both leftist and rightist views. 11 seats

Minor Parties

  • Partido para la República Mexicana (Party for the Mexican Republic, PRM) A small party with limited support, mostly in the north. It supports the abolition of the monarchy and the creation of a republic.
  • Partido Socialista de México (Socialist Party of Mexico, PSM) Very small party called by many a "communist party". It is very critical of the monarchy.
  • Unión Mexicano (Mexican Union, UM) Far-right party critical of immigration and supporter of a unitary state with even less powers for the provinces.
  • Partido Conservador de México (Conservative Party of Mexico, PCM) The remnants of the formerly important conservative group in Congress during the 1800s. It supports greater power for the emperor and limits on illegal immigration.

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The Emperor

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The Government

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