Now days, Neo-nazi organizations are infamous for spreading hate and terror. Be they political parties, terrorist secret societies, etc. ... Luckily, they are outlawed in modern society, yet what if they constitute an important part in a totalitarian, racist society?

Fascist and Nazi movements


There are two types of ideologies in Europe: National Socialism and Fascism. Now days, the former is made up of pseudo-mystical racist, idiosyncratic worldviews lacking any humanity (Hitler's ideology), while the latter is mostly run by a military junta that tries to appeal to the more nationalistic/conservative ones, being racist and anti-semitic nonetheless. Yet both totalitarian systems are identical in the means of maintaining their bloody rules and have the same agendas.

  • NSDAP - The Nazi Party, arguably Europe's most powerful political organization.
  • SS - With the role of the military waning, "internal security" became increasingly important for the Reich. Therefore, the notorious SS, responsible for history's most gruesome crimes, became Germany's most powerful organization, especially in certain regions of Eastern Europe, where it is serving as the local government.
  • Armans - An ariosophic, racist secret society, were the elite of the Nazi society is organized. Part of the SS.
  • Ahnenerbe - An organization dedicated to eugenics and the "research" of the "Aryan race's" origins, which is later put into disrepute following the viral outbreak in 1979.
  • Ustasa - The Fascist movement of Croatia is a predominant political force of the Balkans.
  • NSB - Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging, Adriaan Musserts party.
  • FE JONS - Falange Espanola Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional Sindicalista, Spanish Fascist Party
  • Silver Shirts the British Fascist government, initially led by Mosley


Though Imperial Japan's nationalist and racist ideology is close to the European totalitarian systems, it would be wrong to call it "fascist" or even "nazist", but there are a lot of similarities with these.

  • Black Dragon society - After Japan's stunning victory, the society came into further prominence; finally it became the semi-official secret service for Manchuria, Siberia and Mongolia.
  • Kempeitai - the omnipresent Japanese military police.
  • Guomindang/CFM - Once China's hope, the famous nationalist party of China has been severely undermined by Japanese occupation. As a result, the party sought a re-organization - with the help of "advisors" from Germany and Italy.

Socialist movements

As resistance movements

  • The Communist Party of the USSR: Hiding out in the Ural mountains, the remaining commanders of the Red Army and a few members of the Politburo lead a relatively weak resistance against the "Fascist Aggressors and their Lackeys." However, due to the party's autocratic tendencies, it keeps losing popular support.

Conservative movements

  • Republicans: the US Republican party suffered heavily with the defeat of the US, which has had some of a renaissance with Donald Rumsfeld, that actually verges on a cult of personality.
  • Free British: the British Government in exile, based in Canada
  • Nordland Liberation Army

Democratic and/or "Capitalist" organizations

Islamic movements

Islam is beginning to resurge as a major power, with the rise of Koehmini to Ayatollah. His pupil, Saddam Hussein would later create the Resistance movement known as the Mujahidin, or Al-Qaeda.