Annexations by Poland, France, and Britain

Annexation of Germany, Czechoslovakia and Austria gained Independence

Following the defeat of the German Army and Luftwaffe on September 1, 1939 after the failed Invasion of Poland, the Polish and Novans went on the offensive, and began to mass troops along the border of Poland and Germany. The invasion of Germany began on September 10, when Novan warships attacked the port city of Hamburg and the destruction of the uncompleted Bismark battleship.

The attacks crippled the German navy and trade with other regions, and on September 11, troops crossed the border of Germany and Poland and began their advance to their designated areas in Nazis Germany. The Novans destroyed Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, and Prague, while German forces scrambled to defeat the Polish and Novans. Polish forces captured and annexed East Germany, but continue to deal with enemy resistance in Berlin, and in 1940, Berlin was destroyed, killing Hitler and other leaders of the Nazis Regime. In West Germany, British and French forces unopposed occupied the remainder of Nazi Germany, and called the country the Federal Republic of Germany, while East Germany was annexed by Poland.

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