The Invasion of Poland was the 2015 full-scale ground invasion of Poland by Russian-led CSTO military forces during the Third World War.

Invasion of Poland

Russian and Belarusian ground forces invade Poland on July 10, 2015. NATO forces fight to hold the line but are eventually forced to retreat from their initial positions. As a number of Poland's eastern cities are occupied, NATO troops worked to establish a new line of defense between the border and Warsaw. Within a week since the start of the invasion, Russian and NATO casualty rates had reached well over a thousand each. On July 12, Russian and Belarusian troops had broken through NATO lines and pushed on toward Warsaw and Gdańsk. Their ultimate strategic objective was the seizure of all land east of the Oder-Neisse line. The mindset of the Russian leaders was that once their military objective had been achieved, they would attempt to negotiate with NATO leaders from a position of strength. 

Battle of Gdańsk

The Battle of Gdańsk had begun on July 14 when the Russians entered the city. The battle raged for nearly a week. Despite being technologically superior, NATO was ultimately unable to hold back the seemingly endless hoards of Russian and Belarusian troops. By July 20, the Russians had driven NATO from Gdańsk and secured control over the city. Kazakhstan by this point had entered the war and sent troops to assist their allies in Poland.

Battle of Warsaw

NATO positions in and around Warsaw were hit with a number of Iskander tactical ballistic missiles armed with heavy conventional explosives. This continued until the Russian-led CSTO forces reached the Polish capital on July 30. The Battle of Warsaw lasted well over a month as NATO and Russian troops are engaged in intense urban warfare. Much of the city had been decimated in the fighting plus several important historical structures were damaged including the Presidential Palace and Wilanów Palace. Casualty levels are high with thousands dead on both sides.

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