Previous -1939-Soviet Invasion of the Baltics (CYOAH

Poland decides that the Communists must be stopped, or else they will be the next to fall. They declare war on the Soviet Union and open Polish territory to German forces. However, Stalin was looking forward to this, and Soviet forces sweep into Poland. The arrival of German forces manages to stop the advancing Soviet armies temporarily, buying time for England and France to bring forces into Poland. Latvia falls, and the Soviets stand upon the territory of Poland. However, the brave sacrifices and casualties of the Polish and German armies have stopped the Soviets before they could reach Warsaw, and crush Poland.

Having fired an enormous conflict between the USSR and Western Europe, Stalin starts to become daunted by the coalition arrayed against him. He knows that he will be victorious, but he will have to accept large amounts of casualties to break through the Allied defensive lines and conquer Western Europe. He also knows that he must crush the Allies before the Bear of the West, the United States of America, can join the fight. They are weak from their depression, but if they join the war, they will become strong again. What option does Stalin choose?

Created by: Azecreth 00:15, August 29, 2010 (UTC)

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