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Poland Rising is about a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth that never was annexed.


On May 12th, Russia declared war on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, as a result, Poland created a new constitution which Lithuania agreed to (Point of Divergence).

The Constitution

The New Constitution allows Poland to annex Lithuania and Polish monarchs become supreme rulers of the Commonwealth. It calls for the creation of six states.

  • Mazovia (roughly 20 miles south of Warsaw, smallest non city-state)
  • Poland (separated into Inner and Outer divisions, same monarch, different representatives)
  • Krakow (City of Krakow)
  • Belarus
  • Lithuania (largest)
  • Ukraine

Each state gets their own monarch, while the monarch of Poland is in charge. Each state has its own representatives, while Poland's representatives are divided over two areas. Representatives vote on laws. The monarchs have rights to veto while Poland's monarch can override a veto, unless all other monarchs veto. It Puts Poland's monarch in charge of all armed forces and makes all monarchy hereditary again.


On May 20th, the battle of Polonka starts. Polish forces crush the Russian army. Poland loses just 157 out of 21,000 troops, where as Russia loses 40,906 out of 57,000. The Russians regroup and attack Smolensk, laying siege to the city for 17 days, while the diversion unit fights Poland. The Polish win and march towards Smolensk. Once there, Poland attacks and beats the Russians greatly. Poland lost 10,000 out of 250,000, while Russia lost 150,000 out of 300,000. Russia quickly surrenders and cedes the northwestern peninsula. This becomes the state of Karelia. The war formally ends on July 10th.


By this time, Prussia, Austria and Russia try to partition Poland, causing Poland to win and annex 80% of Austria and 10% of Prussia.


  • On January 14th, Germany, Poland and the Ottoman Empire sign the "Monarchs' Alliance".
  • On April 28th, because of the Polish backing of America during the Spanish-American War, Poland and America sign an alliance.
  • On July 26th, Austria annexes Serbia and places Archduke Franz Ferdinand as leader of Serbia.
  • On July 29th, Germany and Austria sign an alliance.


  • On July 15th, Britain, Italy, France and Russia sign the "No Country Left Behind" Deal; creating an alliance.

Upcoming World War 1

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