What if Poland was not a little insignificant corner of Europe? What if Poland was powerful? What if Poland had a space program??? Well you've come to the right place.

Point of Divergence

During the entirety of the 1700's, Poland went from one of the major European Powers, to a vassal of Russia. After Russia took over part of the Ottoman Empire Austria wanted, there was a big power shift. This resulted in Prussia, Russia, and Austria invading Poland and forcing them to cede land. By the 19th Century, Poland no longer existed. The reason Poland fell was because the current rulers didn't care about the army, and it was very small. In this timeline, Russia lost the battles against the Ottomans, and was pushed back, resulting in the Russian Army leaving Poland to fight in Wallachia. The Russians won the war, but because there was no army in Poland, a revolution occurred there and the Pro-Russian government was toppled and replaced by a new Polish Government. The Russians at the time were too busy fighting the Ottomans to care. When they finally beat the Ottomans, Poland had established friendly relations with the Austrians due to the fact that the Austrians hated the Russians, so they didn't decide to invade Poland. The Polish-Austrian friendship lasted until the Russians helped the Austrians against the Hungarian rebels in the 1840's. By now Poland was strong enough to be it's own nation. It invaded Prussia and broke it up to prevent Germany from ever forming...

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