Polish Socialist Federal Communist Republic
Polska Socjalistyczna Federacyjna Republika Komunistyczna
Timeline: You Are Here

OTL equivalent: Poland
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Poland

One People, One Party, One Poland (Polish)

Anthem "Bless the State"
Capital Warsaw
Largest city Warsaw
  others Russian, German
Demonym Polish
Government One Party Communist State
  legislature Polish People's Party
The Republic of Poland, officially the Polish Socialist Federal Communist Republic was a former nation in Europe. It had origins in the Duchy of Warsaw. The first actual nation named Poland was the First Republic of Poland established after World War I. Then its successor, the Fascist Polish Union, gave rise to socialism, fascism, and other forms of radicalism in Poland. Then its overthrower, the Second Republic of Poland was a re-establishment of the First Republic. However, the Second Republic was thrown out when its leaders converted it into the PSFCR.

Poland was gone after the Great European Conflict (also known as the Poland War). On September 11, 2001, Polish terrorists associated with the Polish People's Party led attacks on Moscow and Petrograd alongside Persian terrorists who attacked America.

The leader of the Polish attacks, Dmitry Mikhailovich, was killed in Hungary on May 1st, 2010 by Russian and US forces combined.

Today, in Poland's place are North and South Poland, under the control of Russia and the USA, with a division of Warsaw, all in replication of what was Germany.

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