Independent Kingdom of Poland
Polski królestwo niezależny
Timeline: Venice-Italian Supremacy

OTL equivalent: Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Estonia
NewPolandFlag NewPolandCoA
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Poland(Red number 9)

Nawet Bóg dał nam wolność! (Polish)
("Even God gave us freedom!")

Anthem "Free from the others!"
Capital Warsaw
Largest city Riga
  others Russian
Roman Catholic
  others Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox
Demonym Polish
Government Palamentary Monarchy
  legislature The Provisional Concil
King of Poland and Lithuania Karol Józef Wojtyła
  Royal house: Józef
Concil Chief Bronisław Komorowski
Independence from Germany and Russia
  declared 1950
  recognized Isn't recognized by the world major countries
Currency Polish Ruble
The Poland Kingdom is a new state trying to become independent from Germany and Russia, but until now none of the major world powers recognized it.

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