I, TacoCopper (talk), am the leader of Poland in Principia Moderni II. This is the main article for Poland in PM II.

History ATL

Poland got a new king, Antoniuz Kalinowski, in 1636. His first orders were to help some farmers grow cash crops to help fill the nation's coffers. This policy is still in effect.

Peasants are get angry at the corrupted judges. Antoniuz has yet to act on this.

Large groups of refugees are entering Poland to escape the plague, and soldiers are stationed along the border to check them for any signs of the plague.

A few corrupt judges are executed to please angry protesters. Soldiers are overwhelmed with refugees from the west, and as a result, many refugees get in without even getting checked.

The plague starts to die off in the West, and as a result, less refugees come in. Soldiers are able to enforce the border again.

Antoniuz marries Adelaide, Princess of Saxony, Hesse and the Wettin Realms, and they have a boy the next year.


Poland is currently not overly involved in other country's affairs, as it has to improve itself first. As such, it has no alliances at this moment.

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