Polish People's Republic
Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa
Timeline: timeline

OTL equivalent: Poland plus parts of Kalingrad and Belarus
Flag of Poland
Flag of Poland
(and largest city)
President Marcin Lubonski
Prime Minister Janka Buk
Area 416,482 km²
Population 28,670,500 
Currency Marka

Following the collapse of USSR forces in Polish territory during the second world war, Free Polish forces seized abandoned fortifications and weaponry. With support covertly supplied from Finland, the UK, and the United States, Poland was able to establish a stable front against the Germans, and even assist the Soviets in expelling German troops from Soviet territory. Re-established as a nation at the end of the War, Poland was able to have a major seat at the treaty table thanks to their contributions. Following the peace treaty, the republican government was overthrown (nobody was ever able to conclusively prove Soviet collusion) and a single-party Soviet-style government was installed. Now how to the Warsaw Pact, Poland has been pulling away from other pact members, and instituting a number of pro-capitalist changes to their economy.

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