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Timeline: Rise of Roses

OTL equivalent: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Polish-lithuanian-commonwealth-flag Spanish Battle Plans
Flag Coat of Arms
Smallpox Poland
Location of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Capital Warsaw, Vilnius
Largest city Warsaw
Other cities Krakow, Kiev, Czecstowa, Wroclaw
  others Lithuanian
Religion Catholicism
Ethnic Groups
  others Lithuanian, Ukrainian
Area area km²
Population 71, 500, 000 
Independence July 1, 1569
Currency Zloty (PLC)

Poland-Lithuania is a large nation comprising of thousands of ethnic groups (only three are recognized by the government). It was first created in 1569, but a full Republic was first established in 1795. Although in the past century its economy has declined considerably, it is now the fastest growing economy in Europe. Poland-Lithuania is generally regarded by most of the world as a third world country, but many Poles believe they are about to change that.


The Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth was created in 1550, by a unity of Poland and Lithuania. Poland has fought against constant pressure of fellow nations and instead has built up a strong military and national identity. Most people in the commonwealth have begun to consider themselves Poles.

Government and Politics

The commonwealth was a constitutional monarchy until 1875 when revolutionaries created a republic and changed the nation to the republic of Poland

Foreign Relations

Poland has constantly tried to invade neighbors like Bohemia and Hungary. It has strong relations with the Papal States, the Hapsburgs Austria, and France. It is at war with almost all its other neighbors and has begun to march on the weak state of Russia,the ottomans and crimea.



A winged hussar charging into battle.

Poland has built a strong military based on the heavy cavalry the winged hussars, they are constantly fighting with neighbors and have defended France, Europe against Islam, etc.

They also have major naval units in the Baltic and Mediterranean Sea.

Administrative Divisions



Polish and Lithuanian are the official languages.


The official religion is Roman Catholicism. 75% are catholic, 20% are eastern orthodox, 5% are Jewish, 3% are Lutheran, and the last 2% are Muslim or other protestant. Most other forms of Islam and Protestantism are persecuted.


The constitution of Poland is based off of that of the Americans, it gives five rights to it's people- Self-preservation(guns), liberty, speech, security, and trial.

It is not illegal for the people of the commonwealth to believe in different religions, however most religions other than Catholicism, eastern orthodox, Lutheranism, and Judaism, most other religious groups are deported or even killed.


Poland gets money off of copper, coal and iron in its many mountains. Poland has also made a major fishing market in the Baltic and is best known for being the main producer of rye in Europe.

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