Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Timeline: Power of Scandinavia

OTL equivalent: Poland-Lithuania, Royal Prussia, Silesia, Brandenburg, western parts of Russia
Polish-lithuanian-commonwealth-flag Spanish Battle Plans
Flag Coat of Arms

If God is with us, then who is against us (Polish, Lithuanian)

Anthem "Pro Fide, Lege et Rege"
Capital Warsaw (Poland), Vilnius (Lithuania)
Largest city Danzig
Other cities Krakow, Minsk, Kiev
Polish, Lithuanian
  others Latin, Ruthenian, Ukrainian, Russian
Religion Catholicism and Protestantism
King Sigismund II Augustus
Grand Duke Stanisław II Augustus
Area Aprx 2,216,501 km²
Population 45,104,720 (2010 est.)
Independence July 1, 1569 (union of Poland and Lithuania)
Currency Zloty