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Points of Difference (Rise of Roses)

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In Rise of Roses, there are many points of difference. Here, you get a basic idea of what they are.

The List

  • 1589) Italy is united by a Lombard Duke. The Papal States are forces to give up their Italian territory (for fear of open rebellion) and move to Avignon, France.
  • 1707) Scotland refuses to join with England to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
  • 1795) A Polish Noble by the name of Chozny is able to route invading Russian forces. He creates the new, Polish-Lithuanian Republic and establishes himself as its Premier.
  • 1781) A young Corsican in the French army by the name of Napoleon dies in a small uprising by the people.
  • 1804) The Louisiana Purchase is refused by the French.
  • 1813) Japan emerges from isolation and invades China.
  • 1852) California rebels from Spain.
  • 1850s) The Ottomans realize that they are far behind in Industrial growth and decide to become more industrial.
  • 1900) Australia is given full independence from England.
  • 1905) After a near revolution, Russia grants more political freedoms preventing the Communist Revolution that would later come.

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