Between the various points of divergence of this ATL, you can't point to only one divergence point. The more known PODs are:

around 60000 BC - appear new species aside of the humans in earth.later, they would get culturally assimilated by humans,in some points.

1066 - Harold Godwinson survives to the battle of Hastings, though England was defeated.later, The Normans are defeated at the Battle of Wintonceastre, thus failing in its conquest of all England. In the following years, the Anglo-Normans will also fail to conquer Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man and Cornwall.

1885 - France is defeated by China and Vietnam in the Sino-French War.later, China also wins the Sino-Japanese War,which later, would result in less support to the Xinhai Revolution, (and thus resulting in its failing) in 1911.

1902 - Orange Free State and Transvaal win the Second Boer War.

1914 - Prince Eitel Friedrich of Prussia is assassinated in the Alsace-Lorraine region, in a event which would spark the World War I.earlier, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary escaped from an assassination attempt in Bosnia.

1916 – The United States of Greater Austria is created, succeeding Austria-Hungary.

1919 - most part of the Ottoman Empire is given to a Byzantine State created by the own Ottoman government in the previous year.

1921 - the coup d'etát led by Reza Khan the following years, the Persian government, led by the Qajar dynasty, starts to modernize the country.

There are also much other points of divergence, but a great part of them won't trigger drastic changes (e.g the Punic Wars ending much earlier than in the OTL).

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