Timeline: Welsh History Post Glyndwr
Flag of Ireland Coat of arms of Ireland
Flag of the Republic of Ireland Coat of Arms of the Republic of Ireland
Capital Dublin
Largest city Dublin
Other cities Belfast, Cork
  others Irish
Roman Catholic
  others Anglican (minority)
Legislature Unitary parliamentary republic
President Michael D. Higgins
Population approx. 6,378,000 
Established 1921
Independence from United Kingdom of England & Scotland
  declared 21 Jan. 1919

Initial struggle

The Irish struggle against the United Kingdom started back in the reign of Iorwerth, and whilst he was sympathetic to the cause, offered little in practical help to the Republicans. Iago, however, had offered help to Sein Fein back in 1918. During 1919 the Irish State fought against the Anglo-Scots alone, with the Welsh Kingdom offering sympathy to the Republican's but little in material aid. This changed with Iago's rise to the throne. As the Welsh government fell, to be replaced with Iago's autocracy, the Welsh sympathies with the Irish began to be translated into material aid.

The Troubles

Throughout the 20th Century, protestants in Ulster, particularly centered around Belfast and Derry, had fought to either gain independence or unification with the United Kingdom of England and Scotland. But during the 1990's, both sides began to lessen tensions. In 1995, a ceasefire was first declared. However, within less then fifteen months, violence broke out again. Again a ceasefire was called in 1998, and with talks between the less extreme leaders of the separatists, a political agreement was brokered.

For the next two decades, groups tried to continue the goals of the protestants in a more peaceful manner, but with the independence of Scotland, these groups have seen almost all of their support vanish.