Poalo Sommaripa
Doge of Venice, Lord of Andros, Protector of El Stato de Mar, Duke of Amalfi

Coat of arms of Venice (NFT) (Modified).svg
Doge of Venice
Reign 28 February 1518 - present
Predecessor Leonardo Loredan
Lord of Andros
In office 8 June 1520- present
Coronation 8 June 1520
Predecessor Francesco Sommaripa
Protector of el Stato da Mar
Reign 28 February 1518- present
Predecessor Post Established
Duke of Amalfi
Reign 10 December 1527- present
Coronation 1 January 1528
Predecessor Charles I of Spain
Wife Andrea Grimani
Issue Poalo Sommaripa

Fiorenza Sommaripa
Domenico Sommaripa
Crusino Sommaripa

House Sommaripa
Born 1488
Andros, Duchy of the Archipelago
Religion Catholicism