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The Teutonic Order attempted to take Brześć Kujawski after standing all day in the sun. The German army from the Teutonic Order had 7,000 men, and was opposed by a Polish army of 5,000 men. On September 27, 1331 one-third of the Teutonic Order's force of knights under Dietrich von Altenburg left the blockaded peasant town of Płowce. The Poles, under Wladysław I the Elbow-high and his son Casimir, immediately attacked in a frontal assault. They were immediately joined by Polish detachments hiding in a forest to the left of the town. Reportedly, during the first phase of the battle Prince Casimir was ordered to depart so as not to deprive the Polish Kingdom of the presumptive heir, Casimir told his father that he will stay at the battle and help his father and he stayed at the battle, however Prince Casimir died in action and was defeated by the Teutonic Knights, the news of the death of Prince Casimir was heard by the King but the Polish army won but Wladyslaw the Elbowhigh was left heirless by the battle and the body of Prince Casimir was found in the battlefield and was buried in Krakow and due to his death the Polish Bohemian union was revived and the French won the Hundred Years war earlier.



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