12:00 PM, June 28th, 2009, University of Cambridge.

Stephen Hawking hosted a party for time travellers. To his surprise a time traveler did arrive, and stood in the middle of room. The time traveler then had a drink with Hawking, and talked about a variety of subjects. However, after nearly twenty minutes, the time traveler started to experience asphyxiation from an allergic reaction, and shortly expired, and leaving his time traveling device behind.

Under a mixed influence of science and pure curiosity, Hawking approached the device, and then temporarily blinded by light. After he regained his vision, he discovered that the device had disappeared, and the body of the time traveler turned into a pile of dust. Hawking decided to go against his scientific instinct and kept the matter to himself.

7:23 PM, July 1st, 1934, Stadelheim Prison.

The time traveling device appeared in cell of the once decorated SA commander Ernst Röhm, a man determined for execution. After much consideration, Ernst picked up the device, and heard a mechanical voice saying in German "When and where would you like to go?". Ernst replied, "The first time I've met that Austrian corporal."

The flash took him away.

6:13 PM, September 12, 1919, Sterneckerbräu, Munich.

Ernst Röhm suddenly regains consciousness in his 30 something year old body, sitting in a table with other members of the German Worker Party at a table, with the device clutched between his hands. He gradually noticed an argument occurring, which he cared much less than recognizing his surroundings.

He heard a familiar voice, powerful and demanding, yet somehow carries trust. Immediately he noticed Adolf Hitler, arguing with Anton Drexler, the head of the party. At that moment he was determined to kill the ingrate who would arrest him decades later.

"Spitzel!" Ernst shouted, "it is him! I was warned by my friend in the army of a spy here tonight!". And thus, Hitler was quickly seized by the worker party members, and his body dumped in the river Isar.

With Hitler dead, Ernst quickly climbed the leadership ladder with his knowledge of future events, and became the Chancellor of Bavaria after the successful coup at the Munich beer hall.

However, it was took many years for him to take control of the Weimar Republic, and when he did, he already forgotten long ago of the once endless chants of "Heil Hitler".

But at last, it was his reluctance to follow the radical policy that Hitler created in Germany that led to his empire's downfall. Under his reign, Germany experienced economic recovery, but was unable to boast extreme nationalism, and was finally ended when the Soviet Army raised the red flag of the Hammer and the Sickle in the heart of Munich.

Trapped in the Berlin Humboldt University, Ernst was determined to make a last stand.

He decided to take a last walk in the university building, and avoided looking at the smoking ruins outside. Ernst stopped by Professor Einstein's office, hoping to see the genius at work.

"Gutentag, Professor," Ernst said, "I trust you have prepared for your immigration to America tonight?"

"Ja, but come with me Röhm, why are you so stubborn? There is nothing left here." Einstein replied.

"I will defend Germany to the end against those Russian hordes, but you sir, must live, it will be a great lost to humanity if you are dead." Ernst walked around Einstein's office, trying to make sense of complex physics formulas.

"I always wondered Röhm, how different would it be if this Hitler fellow you mentioned had your job."

"You would be executed, my friend, and so would I"

Einstein decided not to purse that question further, "Well, have you used the device after that?"

"Never, one time is more than enough when opening Pandora's Box."

"But think of the possibilities, Chancellor!" Einstein said, "One could experience the future, and learn the past! Mankind's greatest questions can be answered!"

Röhm suddenly had an idea. He reached into his pants pocket and grabbed the device out, the metallic cube gleamed from the sunlight.

"Here, I want you to have it," Röhm said, "you can do more good in the world than I."

Einstein received the device on his palm, "Where and when would you like to go?", the device said. After some consideration, Einstein said "The root of evil, the assassination of the Austrian Archduke."

The room was later destroyed by a Soviet artillery, Chancellor Röhm's body was found lying on top a blackboard.

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