Players, Places, and Periods of World History is a biographical and history book series written by historians Victor Hernandez, Jean Francois-Cordollion, Edward Shayn, Herbert Neil Crone, and Joseph Petrov. The books are widely acclaimed and used in famous history universities across the globe. Translated versions include Spanish, French, Russian, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, Italian, and Polish. All of it combined totals ~1500 pages.


First World War series

  1. Volume I, Napoleon I of France (Hernandez and Francois-Cordollion)
  2. Volume II, James Madison (Shayn)
  3. Volume III, King George III of Great Britain (Cordollion, Shayn)
  4. Volume IV, Francis III of the Holy Roman Empire (Petrov, Hernandez, Cordollion)
  5. Volume V, Alexander I of Russia (Petrov, Shayn)
  6. Volume VI, War and Entanglement (All)

Manifest Destiny series

  1. Volume I, Revolution in South America (Hernandez, Shayn)
  2. Volume II, Mexican Revolution and Texas (Shayn, Cordollion)
  3. Volume III, Texas (Shayn, Petrov)
  4. Volume IV, Houston and Santa Anna (Hernandez, Shayn)
  5. Volume V, James K. Polk (Shayn)
  6. Volume VI, First Mexican American (Shayn, Hernandez)
  7. Volume VII, Zachary Taylor (Shayn)

Slavery Issue series

  • This miniseries is strictly the work of Shayn and Crone.
  1. Volume I, The Growing Issue (Shayn)
  2. Volume II, Compromise of 1850 (Crone, Shayn)
  3. Volume III, California (Crone)
  4. Volume IV, Henry Clay (Shayn, Crone)
  5. Volume V, Daniel Webster (Shayn)
  6. Volume VI, John C. Calhoun and Stephen Douglas (Crone, Shayn)
  7. Volume VII, Compromises, Deals, Debates (Shayn)
  8. Volume VIII, Connection (Shayn Crone)

American Civil War series

  • Shayn, Crone, and Cordollion.
  1. Volume I, Abraham Lincoln (Shayn, Crone, Cordollion)
  2. Volume II, Jefferson Davis (Crone)
  3. Volume III, Robert E. Lee (Cordollion)
  4. Volume IV, George McClellan (Shayn)
  5. Volume V, Ulysses S. Grant (Shayn)
  6. Volume VI, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson I (Crone)
  7. Volume VII, The Great Issue and the Rising Tensions (Cordollion, Crone, Shayn)
  8. Volume VIII, Involvement of Nations Abroad (Cordollion)
  9. Volume IX, Confederate States of America (Crone, Shayn)
  10. Volume X, The War, Part I (Shayn)
  11. Volume XI, The War, Part II (Crone)
  12. Volume XII, The War, Part III (Shayn)
  13. Volume XIII, Conclusion and Definitive Points (Crone, Shayn, Cordollion)

World War II

  • Wilhelm Striezdalzer from West Germany contributed here.
  1. Volume I, European Tensions and International Relations (All)
  2. Volume II, Fighting in the Balkans (Petrov, Striezdalzer)
  3. Volume III, Certain Causes of the War (All)
  4. Volume IV, Louis Napoleon II (Cordollion)
  5. Volume V, Edward VIII (Crone)
  6. Volume VI, Carlos III (Hernandez)
  7. Volume VII, Nicholas II (Petrov)
  8. Volume VIII, Wilhelm II (Striezdalzer)
  9. Volume IX, Thomas R. Marshall (Shayn)
  10. Volume X, The War Part I: Warring Between Austria-Hungary and Russia (Striezdalzer, Petrov)
  11. Volume XI, The War Part II: Warring Between Germany and Russia and the Issue Over Finland (Petrov)
  12. Volume XII, The War Part III: Independence of Finland and Franco-German Warring (Cordollion, Shayn)
  13. Volume XIII, The War Part IV: Ottoman Wars On Italian Libya and British Attacks on Tunis (Crone, Petrov)
  14. Volume XIV, The War Part V: Stalemate and Deadlock, and the End of the War (All)
  15. Volume XV, Conclusion and Definitive Points (All)


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