Plave's Rebellion
Timeline: Age of Darkness

OTL equivalent: No true territory/Appalachian Mountain region
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Other cities Lepidople
  others English, French, Spanish, Regional dialects
  others Catholic and Orthodox Christianity
Legislature Ochlocracy
Leader Blade
Area unknown km²
Population unknown, estimated >1,000,000 (100AC) 
Established 30AC
Currency Tushori Credits

The Plave's Rebellion is a North American organization with an unknown population. Its major territory seems to be bordering the Ironfist Empire to the north, Holy Confederate States of America to the south, and the United Native American Nations to the west.


They were a direct result of the Chimera Project, considered a separate species by most humans. Constructed from a mixture of human and animal genetic elements, their predominant nonhuman features are furry, catlike ears and tail, pads on hands, feet and knees, retractable claws in hands and feet, and pointed fangs ranging from a centimeter in length to about two centimeters. Their brain, as well as the rest of their anatomy, seems to otherwise be identical to human features, aside from seemingly abnormally large muscles on the males, mostly due to training rather than genetics. This grants them human intelligence as well as feelings. Originally bred to be super-soldiers for Ironfist Empire, the female version was eventually modified for maximum attractiveness, submissiveness, and an inability to speak in human language through a combination of genetics and psychological barriers established from nearly birth. These barriers may be established in any number of ways ranging from electrical shock to loud noises. Generally, the barriers will last throughout the female chimera's life span; however the barriers can be overcome with strong enough emotions, such as love, hate, fear or joy. The male version of the chimera species was relegated to military use as disposable, intelligent weapons, while the female version was socially relegated to the "Plave" subclass through Tushori marketing campaigns. The plaves are considered animals and slaves at the same time and used primarily for pleasure in private harems and home labor such as cleaning and errands. Some females have exhibited a predilection for crawling on hands and knees over walking; whether this trait is inborn or a result of psychological conditioning has yet to be determined. Religious organizations such as the Holy Confederate States of America and New Deseret view the chimera species as demons to be destroyed; most other nations either view them as animals, commodities, or a slave race. The chimeras' longing for freedom became unbearable, and with the guidance of the rebel outlaw chimera named Blade, the chimeras created the Plave Resistance, the main territory of which seems to cover a good portion of the Appalachian Mountains. Thus far, only the United Native American Nations officially recognizes or helps the resistors, although the Republic of Texas and the Carteles Unidos de Mexico seem to tolerate them well enough.

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