Planem Boreum Timeline: Earth's Brother
Boreumian Battle Banner
Battle Banner of Warlords
Capital: Chasma Boreale
Largest city: Chasma Boreale
Other cities: Milankovic, Lomonosov, Kunowsky, Mie
Language: Boriod Dialects
Great Warlord:
Sitting Comet

~ 30,500,000

81% Boriod

18% Slave

1% Other


First Boriod Civilization: 400 M.C.



The Boreaumian Hordes, of Planem Boreaum, are proud warriors who will give there life in battle. They are a barbaric tribal people, who recently established an absolute Monarchy, Boreaumia's first unified government. Boreaumian Cattle are strong beasts that feed many people and can support the weight of many tons. Boreaumians come from the icy North Pole of Mars, but recently they have expanded into a massive Empire, and have taken many Amazonian lands. The Boroid Race, shares little resemblance with other Martians. Most Boreaumians practice a form of polytheism. Slavery is completely legal.

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