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What if; in the 1930s, the United States and the British Empire, executed there plans, and invaded each other.
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The Treaty of Versailles is signed officially punishing Germany for the first world war. The British and French continue to pay there war debts to America and American companies.



America, Britain, and France end involvement in the Russian Civil War.


The Anglo-French war debts continue to be delayed by their governments. Anti-British sentiment rises in New Yorks Irish population and the Anglo-phobic regions of Washington and Alaska.


War Plan White is developed in response to the Soviet Union consolidating control over northern Asia. The Presidents of the 1920s will still keep some of the US army mobilized due to a possible, Second Moros Rising and General Pershing proposes War Plan Green, a invasion of Mexico.


Continued economic prosperity in the United States. Rebuilding in Germany and Europe. In Russia Stalin takes over the Union and begins his Five-Year Plan and starts a purge. This frightens US planners and begins training the armed forces and police for a Communist Uprising, this is mainly focused in the "Iron Belt" which stretches from Chicago to New York.


Herbert Hoover Elected President.


Hoover takes office, continued rise in Pro-Nazi/Anti-British sentiment The New York Stock Exchange crashes. Immediately President Hoovers popularity plummets.



Britain and France barely pay some of their debt.


Charles Lindbergh is sent to spy on Canadian military activity. US spies fly across the great lakes. Lindbergh returns and proclaim a "conspiracy" to take down the United States. Lindbergh takes control of the Republican Party becoming the house speaker.


The Republicans and Democrats unite and impeach President Hoover. Lindbergh runs a President for the Republican-Democrat Party.


Lindbergh easily wins. As president he begins massing troops on the Canadian border. President Lindbergh consults with General Douglas MacArthur as the commander of the Northern Front.


Air maneuvers over Lake Ontario is meant to tease the RCAF. Canada responds by Naval Exercise's with Britain in the north Atlantic. Canada practices with Defense Scheme 1.


Britain refuses to pay its war debts. In Spring the US ultimatum to have Britain's debt expires. President Lindbergh eagerly launches War Plan Red. The Anglo-American War has begun.
American soldiers advancing on a bunker

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