What if; in the 1930s, the United States and the British Empire, executed there plans, and invaded each other.
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  • The Treaty of Versailles is signed officially punishing Germany for the first world war. The British and French continue to pay there war debts to America and American companies.
  • The Red Scare of 1919 occurs.


  • America, Britain, and France end involvement in the Russian Civil War.
  • The Mexican Revolution (more like a civil war) finally ended however, special plans known as War Plan Green is drawn up.
  • The Soviet Union is formalized. The US starts to draw up War Plan White.
  • Calvin Coolidge elected President of the US.
  • The US does not pull out of its holdings in Central America. Nicaragua, Hispaniola, Cuba, and the Panama Canal are "Nationalized" in face a stiff opposition by the people and anti-imperialists.
  • Even though a clear violation of the Monroe Doctrine, British forces invade and occupy Guatemala, the country is merged into British Honduras for now.
  • Britain reestablishes ties with Japan. In response the US gains ties with Venezuela and Ireland. Later that year the a non-aggression pact is signed between the two powers.
  • Washington Naval Conference falls apart. Increased Anglo-Japanese activity off the coast of the Philippines angers the US.
  • Despite protest from the America First Party, the Federal government authorizes increased armed spending. Several new battleships are set to be constructed. US invests heavily in armored warfare tactics. US manufacturers create the first US tanks (these are akin to the M1, M3 Stuart, and M3 Lee).
  • Leon Trotsky is exiled to Mexico. Herbert Hoover enters the US presidential office. Several months later the Great Depression begins.


  • Japan occupies Manchuria. Earl Browder splits from the Communist Party to form the American Workers Party quickly becoming popular in the Midwest and industrial states. Popular Presidential Candidate Franklin Roosevelt in incapacitated in a train crash. Al Smith is quickly nominated for the Democratic Candidate for President.
  • Al Smith is elected President of the United States with his running mate Hiram Johnson.

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