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Piotr Nikolaevich Wrangel
Pyotr Wrangel 1920, painting


August 27, 1878

Mukuliai, Russian Empire

Political Affiliation: Flag of Russia Russian Empire
Military Branch:

Imperial Russian Army

White Army

Years of Service 1902-
Rank: General

Imperial Russian Army

White Army


Great War

Russian Civil War

Spouse: Olga Mikhailovna Ivanenko

Piotr Nikolaevich Wrangel in active field commands during the Russo-Japanese War, the Great War, and the Russian Civil War.


Wrangel emerged from a technical education with a degree in mining in 1901, after which he embarked upon an initially short-lived military career.

Having resigned from the army to take up an engineering position in Siberia he nevertheless returned to serve with distinction during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05.

Remaining in the army he next attended the General Staff Academy.  Upon the outbreak of war in August 1914 he was given command of a cavalry squadron in East Prussia and was later handed command of a Cossack regiment whilst being dispatched to Galicia in 1916.

Having risen to the rank of Major-General Wrangel led the 7th Cavalry Division during the notably unsuccessful Kerensky Offensive of July 1917.

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