Piokomon is a colony of Hanthawaddy located on the Gulf of Guinea.

Major Settlements

Map of Piokomon (PM)

  • Nong Chuh Dung
  • Putoehsonthi

There are several smaller settlements but they do not have an organized plan.


Mon culture has not penetrated deeply into the local African culture, although Mon settlers have stressed Buddhism and many have pursued missionary activity. Mon-style music and African-style music has intermixed, and cuisine has largely adapted to local products.


Piokomon was established in 1506 when Hanthawaddy sought to establish trade with Africans on the Western Coast, as well as gain a foothold for trade on the Atlantic. The settlement of Nong Chuh Dung was first settled in 1508. The settlement of Putoehsonthi was established shortly after in the southern part of the island. Full control of the island was asserted in 1519. Mon explorers first began to expand onto the African mainland in , calling it Cum Wuri, or Wuri Swamp after the nearby river.

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