Pindan was the leader of the Aboriginal Collective from 1687 to 1701. During this time, he made many significant changes to the Union.

When he came to power in 1587, people were beginning to question the idea of the Union and perhaps even consider leaving it. Pindan believed strongly in the ideas and values of the Union, especially the Tribal Code, and saw it as his duty to keep the Union strong. It took him many years, but eventually he was successful in holding the Union together.

Toward the end of his rule he begin to develop the Union, his changes having a major effect on it and the lifestyle of its people. One of the most important acts was the introduction of the Collective Pact. He also massively increased the population of the Union and the territory that it occupied.

His work continued to make a significant difference to the Union even up to the last few days of his life. Even then he was striving to do better and to push his people forward. For his loyalty, his sacrifices and his incredible leadership, he is regarded as one of the greatest leaders the Union ever had.