Pinan Special Administrative Region
Região Administrativa Especial de Piñao da Reino de províncias unidos da Myânmar (RAE Piñao)
— Subdivision of Myanmar
Timeline: Burma Ascension
(and largest city)
Pinan (Piñao)
Burmese, Portuguese
  others Malay, Chinese
Chief Minister Paulo Sebastian Kyawswa
Deputy Chief Minister Adelina Santos Tavares de Silva
Area 248 km²
Population 1,040,000 
Admission July 1, 2009
Currency Pinanese Escudo

Pinan (Portuguese : Piñao, English: Penang) is a special administrative region in Myanmar. Its official name is the Pinan Special Administrative Region of the Kingdom of the United Provinces of Myanmar(Região Administrativa Especial de Piñao da Reino de províncias unidos da Myânmar). Located on Pinan island on the central western coast of the Malay peninsula, it has a population of over 1 million.

It was ruled by Portugal since it was annexed in 1509. Pinan was returned to Myanmar in 2009 after extensive negotiations, and became the last and smallest special administrative region of Myanmar.

Pinan has a large Eurasian population (89%) and is the only region with a non-Buddhist majority (64% Catholic, 26% Buddhist, 6% Taoist and 4% Hindu). The São Tomás de Aquino cathederal is the largest Christian site in Asia and is a major tourist attraction.

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