King Pierre I (1867-1945) was the last king of Canada, Minnesota and Arkansas (collectively referred to as New France, though that did not have any official existence after 1872), and the first to live his entire life in Québec. He had two daughters but no sons or brothers. In 1922, Minnesota broke away from Canada, becoming a republic. In the 1930's, Arkansas's parliament had passed a law repealing the Salic Law, but Canada retained it. He was thus succeeded as Monarch of Arkansas by his daughter, Queen Marie I, and as King of Canada and Minnesota by his cousin, King Jacques I. King Pierre was the grandson of his long-lived predecessor, Charles X et I.


Pierre I had 2 daughters

  • Marie I (1904-1963)
  • Antoinette (1907-1992)

Preceded by:
Charles X et I
King of Canada
Succeeded by:
Jacques I
King of Minnesota
Succeeded by:
King of Arkansas
Succeeded by:
Marie I

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