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  This Althistory is a part of the Pax Columbia world.
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We seek any additions from the community. @CassAnaya is the original author of this ALT. Write the author a message. For article suggestions from the author: Portal Page. Please add any applicable templates. Suggestions to maintain quality: Letter to the Editor.

This is an archive of pictures created for the Pax Columbia timeline. This does not include maps and flags created for the timeline. I, CassAnaya, have a degree in Digital and Film Animation, and this wiki helps me practice some of my Photoshop skills. If you have any pictures that have a significant change to the original picture and fit within the Pax Columbia timeline, then PLEASE add it here. These pictures should not be from within OTL, they must be ALTered. :>)

Author: CassAnaya

Help contribute to Pax Columbia by visiting the Pax Columbia Portal.

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