The Picts

The Picts are an extinct culture OTL but in this timeline they survived and became a thriving culture in northeastern Scotland. They speak the Pictish language.


The Goidelics and (recently) the Saxons.


Before the Roman Invasion they were a happy tribal society, following a pagan religion.The Romans invaded and they had to flee to the northeastern reaches of OTL Scotland. They expanded slightly several times further south. Eventually when Teutons came and invaded the Brythonic and Roman remnants, they hid in the forests and when they came out, there was a war between, the Goidelics, Romans, and Teutons. They joined in and helped the Goidelics, and then the Saxons came and helped the Picts and the Goidelics in the war. After they won they all joined and united in a union. TBD

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