Pict Tribes of Scotland
Celtic Triple Spiral.png
Scotland Single NW.png
Rough Region of the Pict Kingdoms
Capital Various
Official language Primitive Goidelic Brythonic and Irish Languages
Religion Pagan - Primitive Celtic Worship
Government Loose War/Trade Confederate style Consul. some kingdoms, Chiefdoms, Unions
 - Lost the Three Years War 209C
 - Disestablished Ongoing
 - 209 BC est. 175,000 (estimate) 
Currency Barter

Kingdoms and Chiefdoms

Cait Chiefdoms (northern )

Cruthian Kingdoms (West and Central l Confederacy of kingdoms and chiefdoms, all kin)

  • Qritani (Large Kingdom in the west) is in a union with Aoengic Ulliad

Fortriu Chiefdom (Southern)

Minor Pictish tribes outside of kingdoms will remain.

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