Phoenician Republic
Flag of Lebanon.png
Official languages French, Phoenician, Aramaic
Recognised regional languages Syriac,Greek

Phoenicia is a country in Asia, bound between the Mediterranean to the west and Syria to the east. It also borders Israel to the south.


Phoenicia has been home to a civilization of marines, merchants and entrepreneurs. However, in the 11th century it was captured by Mongols together with Syria. A Crusade has been called and the Crusaders set up a handful of states in the area.

The area saw immigration of colonists from France and Italy and later it was re-incorporated into Romania. Following the Levantine war, it came under French protection, but during the interwar period it returned to Byzantium. It gained independence as late as 1981, following a popular referendum.

Administrative divisions

  1. Laodikia
  2. Antarad
  3. Tripoli
  4. Beryt
  5. Sidon
  6. Tyre


The 5 877 000 citizens  are mostly Christian (99%), following mostly Syriac (82%) and Latin (14%) rites. The major ethnic groups include Phoenicians (70%), who were converted to Christianity by St Maron, Levantine s- descendants of the Crusaders (12%), Syriacs (12%). There is also a small Greek (3%) ,Armenian and French presence.

The official language, French is an heritage since Napoleon. The linguistic dispute between the Punic-speaking Phoenicians (49%) and Aramaic-*speaking (20%)  has been present since the Phoenician national awakening when the ancient language has been revived.

The most taught foreign languages are French and Greek.

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