Kingdom of Phoenicia/North Israel
530 BC - 524 BC 3by2white.svg

Flag of Lebanon.svg
Flag of Phoenicia

Capital Tyre
Languages Aramaic language
Phoenician language
Religion Phoenician/Greek Mythology
Government Monarchy
 •  530-524 BC Mattan I (first and last)
Historical Era Era One
 •  Assassination of Amel-Marduk and Collapse of Babylon. 530 BC 530 BC
 •  Vassalized by Persia 524 BC 524 BC
Currency Barter

Phoenicia was a nation in Asia.



In 530 BC,Babylon collapsed after Amel-Marduk was killed.Phoenicia declared its independence under a man named Mattan.


In 524 BC,Mattan agreed to Join the Persian Empire as satrap.North Israel was split off and combined with Judean South Israel into the new satrapy of Israel.


Phoenicia was an absolute monarchy.

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