Phillippe Jean-Marie Nife (4 July 1884 - 14 April 1944) was a French politician, political theorist and one of the right-hand men of Albert I of France during the Iron Revolution, Oktoberkreig and the early stages of the French Civil War.

Amongst the numerous positions he fulfilled within the Albertine and later Edmondian regimes included two stints as Deputy State Minister as well as serving as one of the most powerful State Ministers in history from 1927 to 1931, executing a variety of Albert's orders during the conflict in the Eastern Department and during the New Reign of Terror. Nife was one of the architects of the Social Sacrifice programs during the civil war as the Minister of the Interior, organizing food rations and reorganizing the Interior Ministry bureaucracy to better fight the conflict. In September 1943, his car was apprehended as he attempted to escape from Paris and he was imprisoned for several months at a military camp outside of the city until his appearance as the first defendant to stand trial during the Guttendorp Trials. His trial lasted six days - he was convicted on seven of twelve charges on the 13th of April and executed by guillotine twenty hours later.

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