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Federal Republic of the Philippines
Pederal na Republika ng Pilipinas
Timeline: A Different History

OTL equivalent: Philippines, Spratly Islands, Sabah
Flag of the Philippines Revised Coat of Arms of the Philippines
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Manila
Largest city Quezon City
Other cities Cebu City, Davao City, Baguio City, Makati
Language Filipino, English, Spanish
Roman Catholicism
  others Islam
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
President Benigno Aquino III
Established June 12, 1898
Independence from Kingdom of Spain
  declared June 12, 1898
  recognized June 12, 1898
Currency Philippine peso

The Federal Republic of the Philippines (Filipino: Pederal na Republika ng Pilipinas) is a federal republic located on the Philippine archipelago in Southeast Asia. Taiwan is to the north, North and South Vietnam to the west, and Indonesia and Malaysia is to its south.


1956 - The Philippines endorses the new state of Kalayaan in the Spratly Islands to the world and deploys troops to the islands in order to "protect them from foreign aggression." The Republic of China attempts to invade the largest island, Itu Aba, but it pushed back to the sea by a stiff Filipino resistance.

1957 - President Ramon Magsaysay's plane almost crashes into a mountain, but the pilots manage to avoid it in time. Magsaysay later initiates a constitutional reform based on the American system.

1961 - The Federal Republic is born.

1962 - After the Sultan of Sulu cedes North Borneo to the Philippines, Filipino troops and settlers are shipped and flown into the area to consolidate the Federal Republic's hold.

(To be continued)

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