Logo This alternate history related article is a stub. You can help by expanding it. The concept of Philippine reunification involves the potential future reunification of the authoritarian, fascist Bisayan-dominated Philippine National Union, and the liberal, democratic Tagalog-dominated Kingdom of the Philippines under a single government. The process of reunification has met many difficulties due to ongoing tension between the two states, which have become politically and economically different since their separation in 1962.

Philippine Reunification (1966)
Flag of the Philippines United Philippines Flag of the President of the Philippines Kingdom of the Philippines Philippine National Union flag (Atomic World Map Game) Philippine National Union
GDP (billions of $) $74.97 billion (excluding Mindanao) $70.42 billion $4.55 billion
GDP per capita $2,149 (excluding Mindanao) 3740 $724
Total population 34.88 million (including Mindanao) 18.83 million 6.28 million

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