Philippe II
Prince of Rhodes

2nd Governor of Tübingen
Reign 21 August 1534 — present
Predecessor Philippe I
Member of the Kronrat
Time in office 21 August 1534 - Incumbent
Full name
Philippe de Villiers de Rhodes
House de Villiers
Born 1520
Religion Holy Evangelical Church of Germany

Philippe de Villiers de Rhodes, also known as Philippe II of Rhodes and Philippe the Younger, is the eldest son of the first and last sovereign Prince of Rhodes Philippe de Villiers de l'Isle Adam, and is the pretender to the throne of the Principality of Rhodes, which was abolished by the Ottoman Empire after its annexation of Rhodes in the early 1520s. de Villiers now lives in Tübingen, Württemberg and serves the Prince-Elector Ulrich as Governor of the Province of Tübingen (German: Statthalter von Provinz Tübingen).

Titles and honours

  • 1520 — 1534: His Highness The Hereditary Prince of Rhodes
  • 1534 — present: His Highness The Prince of Rhodes

His full title is His Highness Philippe de Villiers de Rhodes, Sovereign Prince of Rhodes, Governor of the Province of Tübingen; in German it is Seiner Hoheit Philipp de Villiers von Rhodos, Landesfürst von Rhodos, Statthalter von Provinz Tübingen.

  • Flag of Württemberg Knight of the Order of the Rhine
  • Flag of Württemberg Medal of the Most Glorious Reformation (inherited)