Philip of Britain, of the Stafford dynasty, was born in 1777 as the son of king Humphrey V and his wife.

His father had been behind Britain's engagement in the French Republican Wars, and later in repeated trials to land troops on the continent, to support the still resisting Spaniards, who were bleeding France dry in what would be called "the Ninety-Year War". These engagements had been costly for Britain and lead indirectly to the Canadian Revolutionary War, which lost Britain its strongest colony. At this time, some people in Britain already spoke of revolution, and only the death of Humphrey V may have prevented it, since there was still hope for his son to be better.

Philip became king in 1825 - and additionally, inherited a lot of meaningless titles the Staffords had acquired by marrying with heirs from deposed dynasties; said titles included that of the king of France. Having nominally the majority of electors, Philip also had himself elected nominal Holy Roman Emperor, decades after the HRE had been dissolved.

This lead to a conflict with the New Roman Emperor Alessandro I, who brought together a big alliance with Germany, German Atlantis and Canada. In 1832, the anti-British War broke out. In the peace of Roma Nuova 1836, Britain had to cede Haraldsland (OTL Newfoundland) to Canada and its lands in South Atlantis, which were divided along the Tropic of Capricorn: Braseal went to New Rome, while the Germans received Argentine as a place for settlement (from now on, the country was more often called Argentinien).

This defeat was the last straw. In 1838, the English revolution broke out. The Revolutionaries declared the British republic. King Philip was killed during the fights in London. The Royal family under his successor George I had to flee to New Albion (OTL New Zealand). The pope went with them.

Predecessor: Philip Stafford (Chaos) Successor:
Humphrey V Philip

King of Britain


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