Philip VI of France
Timeline: [[Premyslid Bohemia]]

51st King of France
April 1, 1328 - August 26, 1350

Predecessor Charles IV
Successor Himself as King of Southern France
Born 1293
Died November 23, 1350
Limousin, France
Queen Joan the Lane
Philip VI of France
Timeline: [[Premyslid Bohemia]]

1st King of Southern France
August 27, 1350 - November 23, 1350

Predecessor Himself as King of France
Successor John II

Philip VI of France.

Philip VI the Fortunate of France was the last King of France during the 13 Years' War. He became the King of Southern France for last three months of his life after North France was taken by Edward III. He was the son of Charles of Valois and Margaret of Anjou to whom he was born in 1293 and who succeeded Charles IV of France in 1328. His wife Joan the Lame and he had ten children. One of whom was John II. He later died in southern France in 1350.