Philip II
King of Spain
Philip II of Spain by Antonio Moro
Philip II of Spain by Antonio Moro
Lion and The Rose PhillipII
Reign 1556-1598
Full name Philip II von Habsburg
Spanish Felipe II de Habsburgo
Titles King of Portugal (from 1581)
King of England (jure uxoris)
Duke of Milan (from 1540)
King of Naples (from 1554)
Sovereign of the Netherlands
King of Sardinia
King of Sicily
Born May 21, 1527(1527-05-21)
Birthplace Valladolid, Spain
Died January 9, 1598(1598-01-09) (aged 71)
Place of death El Escorial, Spain
Buried El Escorial
Predecessor Charles I
Successor Henry I
Consort Mary I of England
Wives Maria Manuela of Portugal
Mary I of England
Offspring Carlos, Prince of Asturias
King Henrique I of Spain
Royal House Habsburg
Father Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
Mother Isabella of Portugal
Religious beliefs Roman Catholicism
Signature Signature of Philip II