The Philadelphia Act was signed into law on April 14, 1865 by President John C. Fremont, establishing Philadelphia as the new official capital of the United States of America.

1. The City of Philadelphia shall henceforth be recognized as the capital city of these United States of America.

2. Federal tax money shall be allotted to bring Independence Hall and other Revolutionary-era buildings to their best quality. Independence Hall shall serve as the new Congressional building, when finished.

3. Congress will reconvene once the Independence Hall is complete. If it is not complete by 1870, Congress will resume in whatever building is deemed appropriate by the Supreme Court.

4. Washington D.C. shall be henceforth discontinued as a "city" due to its only purpose of existence would be to cater to the Dixie rebels that backstabbed our Union. The city is to be evacuated and completely in disuse by 1870.

-- Authorized and signed by President John C. Fremont,

April 14, 1865

Philadelphia, United States

This act drew sharp condemnation from the Confederacy for demonstrating WHY they could no longer trust the Yankee devil to be a proper nation. This nearly sparked a border conflict on the Potomac, which was defused by Prussian military leadership as part of the Potomac Defense Force International.

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