Philadelphi Canal Route

Route of the Canal (in Red)

The Philadelphi Canal is a large canal that connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. This much-coveted connection has made Alexandria exceedingly wealthy and powerful, and has also given Alexandria strong standing in international geopolitics.

Based on the old Canal of the Pharaohs, Necho's Canal, and Darius I's Canal, the current canal is named after Ptolemy II Philadelphus, one of the greatest Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt.

The canal uses locks to change the depth and to keep silt out of the canal and to keep the fresh and saltwater from mixing. The canal is also regularly dredged to keep the silt down. There are plans to widen the canal as ships get larger and traffic increases.

Ancient Suez Darius Canal

The Route of the Philadelphi Canal


Usage of the canal is governed by the Second Philadelphi Compact, which states the terms of use for each and every country.

Currently, the following nations have access through the Philadelphi Canal:

  • NATION 1
  • NATION 2
  • NATION 3
  • etc.

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