東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View is the ninth official game of the Touhou series.


Phantasmagoria of Flower View is a split-screen vertical danmaku shooting game. Works the same as OTL.

The game has a Story Mode, which has the player against a series of eight opponents that get progressively harder. There is also the versus mode.

The game also has an Extra Stage, which is unlocked by playing at least two different characters through the Story Mode on either Normal, Hard, or Lunatic.

The story is the same as OTL.

Playable Characters

  • Seiga Kaku
  • Yoshika Miyako
  • Reimu Hakurei
  • Yukari Yakumo
  • Mystia Lorelei
  • Koishi Komeiji
  • Satori Komeiji
  • Yuuka Kazami
  • Yuyuko Saigyouji
  • Youmu Konapku
  • Kaguya Houraisan
  • Mima
  • Aya Shameimaru
  • Suika Ibuki
  • Tewi Inaba
  • Komachi Onozuka
  • Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu

Non-Playable Characters

  • Marisa Kirisame (Extra Stage Boss)
  • Alice Margatroid (Extra Stage Mid-boss)

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