Peter of Roma

5th Emperor of the English Imperium


Predecessor: Henry III of Cornwall

Successsor: John of Dudley

Spouse:Jannet Guildford(1559-1602)

House:House of Tudor

Born:1541 Imperial Castle, London

Died:1602 Imperial Castle, London(Age 61)

Issue:John I of Dudley
Religion: Catholic, converted to Anglican once becoming Emperor.

Peter of Roma was the Emperor of the English Imperium from 1560 at age 19 to his death in 1602 at age 61. Despite the fact knwon in hsitory as a peaceful ruler, he was the first Emperor to conquer other countries Iceland and North America. He also was the first to present a female military commander, his sister Princess Elizabeth I. He is the son of Emperor Henry VIII of England and his second wife Anne of Cleves.

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